Monday, 29 August 2011

It's Ezy to be Green if you live in South East QLD

Another Energy Saving initiative that is currently being State funded and should be of interest to all SE QLD residents, is the EzyGreen program.

The program offers residents, both renting & owner occupiers, multiple opportunities to save money & reduce their energy consumption long term. The State has partnered with several well known organisations and companies to offer discounted consumer goods, solar power, solar hot water & financial support.

It's a simple program, with a simple aim, to help Queenslanders become more energy efficient. So to see what is on offer to you, just visit their EzyGreen website, enter in your postcode and away you go.

Saving Bundles with ClimateSmart

If you live in Queensland and have been watching TV in the evenings over the last few weeks, it would be hard to miss the latest 'Saving Bundles' advertising adorning our screens.

The latest in a series of Government initiatives for Queenslanders to cut their energy usage, it's a no brainer as far as we are concerned and would certainly recommend to take them up on the offer to help reduce our bills while it is still available.

Here is a caption taken from their website to show you what you'll get if you sign up for one of their ClimateSmart Home Service's.

With similar wireless power monitors retailing at around $100 alone and so many other immediate savings to be had, if you haven't already booked your in home service, what are you waiting for? Call them today on 133 600!

What is more important to you?