Thursday, 28 July 2011

Home Renovation Lighting Options - The 5 most important things to consider

When you've chosen to spend time & energy renovating your home, you want to get that 'perfect' look. From the right paint or wall paper, to your flooring and the choice of fabrics for your cushions. Everything has been or will be painstakingly chosen for their colour, their texture or fit with the overall scheme.

So when it comes to choosing the right lighting for your room or home, you will want to make sure that what ever solution you choose, it works for you to highlight all of your choices and ensures that everything looks the same, if not better than it looked in the shop/photo online.

So here are some of the most important things to take into consideration when looking at your options:

1) Functionality - What do you need the lighting to do? For example will it be to provide task lighting over small areas, or does it need to generate enough light to fill a whole room? Or a mixture of both

2) Colour Rendition - Is it important to you or your scheme for the colours you've chosen to be lit as closely to their natural colour as possible? In other words, that beautiful pillar box red sofa actually looks pillar box red, rather than a dark red or Burgundy.  If it is important you will want to be using as much natural light as possible during daylight hours, as the majority of electric lights fail miserably in this arena.

3) Energy Efficiency - Is it important to you to use as little energy as possible? If so, again maximising your natural light in any room will help reduce your dependance on lights during the day. However at night when the lights will need to be used ensure you have chosen lighting that will take low energy light bulbs.

4) Glare - If you are going to be using TV/Computer screens of any kind in your room, then you'll want to consider how much glare your lighting generates and choose their positions carefully within the room so as to minimise the potential for glare. Likewise if you are going to have huge floor to ceiling glass doors/windows backing onto beautiful scenery. You'll want to ensure that any additional light used within the room itself doesn't cause glare on the glass and stop you from being able to enjoy you're views!

5) Cost - Don't make the mistake of buying a bargain light only to find out it won't take energy efficient bulbs or will need additional wires or cabling. Take all of your costs into account before making any purchases and that includes, installation, additional cabling, restructuring work, replacement parts and running costs.

What is more important to you?