Friday, 22 July 2011

Natural Lighting for Aquariums

We have had loads of people talk to us about using our Skylight Systems to light their Aquariums, not to mention the many forum posts worldwide on the subject. 
So why is daylight so important for your aquarium and why are our Solatube systems such a good solution?
  1. The colour. Natural sunlight has plenty of light in all spectrums, and is not only extremely important for the health of your tank, but will make the many colours in your tank "pop".  Tank owners invest a great deal of money on "Full Spectrum" lighting solutions for their tanks. However these solutions are still not 'natural' and don't emulate a naturally lit enviroment. Sun light has a natural cycle, with highs and lows and cloudy periods. This can only be duplicated by a natural lighting system.
  2. Any Aquarium owner knows that they must keep their tanks lit all day, but electric lighting for your tank is not only expensive to install but extremely expensive to run. Not only this, but the heat generated by electric lights often means you then need to spend money cooling the tank down again. A proper daylighting solution will not only reproduce perfect daylight into your tank without costing a cent to run, but our Solatube solution is also energy tested and produces very little additional heat, meaning you don't have to spend anywhere near the normal amount on cooling either! This has already equated to literally thousands of dollars saved per year for several of our existing clients!
  3. You will also save money by reducing the replacement cost of artificial lighting and the costs associated with replacing the lamp bulbs, as these won't need to be used any where near as often, prolonging the life cycle of each bulb considerably!
Now for the fun part. Some pics & videos of tanks that use Solatubes for natural sunlight!

What is more important to you?