Monday, 26 September 2011

Energy & Water Star Ratings - Did you know...

I have been reading up a bit about Appliance Star Ratings recently. You know the ones I mean, you see them everywhere these days, on any almost any white goods, toilets, showerheads and air-conditioners.

They are designed to help consumers differentiate between appliances that are energy or water efficient and ones which are not. As I'm sure you know the higher the number of stars an appliance has been given the better it will perform.

However did you know that as new applicances come onto the market with better technologies, the benchmarks that need to be met to obtain each 'star' become higher and higher. So an Air Conditioning unit that first hit the market in 2009 may have been awarded an Energy Star Rating of 4 stars, but it will not be as energy efficent as a newer model that came out onto the market this year that has also been awarded with 4 stars!*

So if you are considering buying an older model applicance to try and save a few dollars during your renovations, or as an upgrade, remember that the newer ones may have the same number of stars but they will be much more efficient than their older counterparts.

*Source "The CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook"


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